Moving to a new look

I've migrated my blog from SquareSpace5 to SquareSpace 6.  This address is no longer being maintained.  The new address is  Part of the reason to move was better integration with social media (although automated pushes to google+ profiles still eludes me) and the other part was a fresh look.  I have decided to move off Feedburner (native social media integration with SS6) which means this will be the last email pushed.  If you subscribe to this blog via email or used the original Feedburner RSS feed, please visit the new site, select the RSS Feed from the Follow Me menu option.  


PASS Summit 2013 - Examples Package

I was asked by some attendees of my PASS 2013 Session, Unseen Minions : Improving parallel processing in SSIS, if I had any sample code or examples of some of the ways my framework could be used.  I have put together 3 samples along with supporting sql code.  You will find a link to that zip file here: Example_Package.  


SSWUG Summer Camp

I'm speaking at SSWUG Summer Camp!  Thankfully, I can be at home, in my pool AND be at summer camp (oh, how I love modern technology!).  If you have the time, come listen to me blather on about SSIS.


Speaking at PASS Summit 2013!

I am honored to say that have been selected to present this year.  I'll be giving a talk on my threading framework for SSIS.  Unseen Minions : Improving parallel processing in SSIS.  I am very excited and hope to see you there!